Title - Stiletto
Author - Aris "TGD" Merquoni
E-Mail - aris@sandwich.net
Rating - R
Category - SA
Spoilers - You know, I don't think I even ref Pusher in this one, 
so it's clear.
Keywords - None
Summary - The sequel to A Matter of Trust. Mulder looks back at 
what happened, and wonders why his life is spiraling into 
despair, blackness, depression, and horror.
Archive - Heh, if you want to, go ahead.

Disclaimer: 1) All characters contained herein are fictional and 
not meant to represent any persons living, dead, or otherwise. 
The characters of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully belong to Chris 
Carter and 1013 Productions. Annette Gardener was created by me.

2) Most of the snippets of poetry that I quoted herein are from 
poems by Geoff Trenchard. You can find his stuff at 
http://www.bleedingedgespokenword.com. Support your local poets. 
The poems that I expressly remember quoting are:

- Silence
- Exit Wounds (a duet with Jamie Kennedy)

3) I've had this read by several people who are *not* X-Philes, 
and the general response (from the male sector at least) is 
exactly what I was going for. Unfortunately, this kind of 
reaction *can* be rather damaging if you're in the wrong state of 

So to state this clearly: In this story, I do my level best, 
through whatever narrative tricks I've picked up over the years, 
to make S&M situations and self-mutilation seem attractive. DON'T 
BELIEVE ME. It is my personal belief that any behavior that 
leaves scars, whether emotional or physical, is *dangerous*, and 
should be examined fully in a level state of mind before trying 
it. Mulder is *not* in a level state of mind in this 
fanfic(neither is Scully, come to think of it,) and you should 
never try anything you read here without consulting a licensed 
and recommended psychiatrist.

So, now that I've scared away all the sheep...

Part 1
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