Hi. My name is Aris, and I'm your guide to the Universe for today. If some of the facts are wrong... deal. This is my head. You can be right in yours and feel superior. Happy?
Here's my scary stream-of conciousness about the stage and, uhh... other stuff. Don't blame me if this scars you for life or makes you avoid me forever.
Here's the Starship Troopers rant. And a a bonus, free, you get the Gethsemane rant and my views on several inflammatory issues as well!
For something a bit more serious, there's my life's passion.
Here's a fairly new rant about Why I Dislike X-Files(c)(r)(1013/CC own it 'cause I sure don't)
And a special rant for Valentine's Day: A look at angst, mostly in fanfic, and why it is not so good.
For something serious: my thoughts on education, and violence.
For 10-7-01: Emotions and thoughts on war, condensed.
Whee, more ranting about American culture.

And when you're bored, head back and look at other content! What a concept!

This page's background is black because I didn't feel like thinking much.