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This is the page of one Aris Merquoni, citizen of the internet for quite a few years, now. I'm a writer, sometimes an artist, and sometimes a student. I also have a large collection of nail polish that I use indiscriminantly on household appliances. Booyah.

Sadomasochist(n): One who is both a dancer and a choraeographer. Think about it.

Actual content of this page:

Writings: Read insanities, inanities, and profanities here
Art: See the twisted mind's extention into the real world
Rants: My views on the universe, and all the Stuff in it
Me. Also sorta doubles as a links page for no other reason than I don't actually have a links page.


07-13-06: Less than a year since my last update. OMGWTFBBQ. Compromises, a B5 AU story, up. And soon I'll have to reorganize that writing page.

02-07-06: What? What are you looking at me like that for? I've been posting on my livejournal, you know I'm alive! Well, screw that. New story. Yes, I said NEW STORY. Yes, while I'm thesising. Ode on Shadow and Form.
03-28-04: This isn't productivity, it's procrastination. New MiSTing on the writing page.
02-28-04: Holy shit, it's a new page design.
01-03-04: Happy New Year! Some more art. Hints that I may be more productive. It's probably a lie.
05-28-03: Another art update, this time with stuff I've drawn this year, in college. Plus the link to my livejournal.
05-25-03: ... Almost a year since my last update, and all I really have to offer is a bunch of art that was already in that directory. If you know me well enough to be checking this page, you've probably already seen most of it.
07-19-02: New story(Deus Ex Memoria, in the section I don't like to mention in polite company.) Also updated the movie list on the 'me' page.
06-27-02: Another rant on American Culture.
06-13-02: A rant on graduation.
05-17-02: I've turned the latter half of my 'me' page into a full-fledged linkfest. Enjoy.
04-01-02: The Special Edition DVD Full-Feature-Length Director's Commentary for All's Fair, Love and War, etc is on the writings page.
03-30-02: I can only attribute the wealth of new material on this page to the amount of time I've spent procrastinating on other things. Laid to Rest, my latest (and final) story in the All's Fair saga.
03-25-02: Wow, I'm update-conscious. I fixed up the art page; removed some old stuff and put some unlinked stuff on. Most notably I uploaded a pic of Tanya and one of an elfin gal who isn't Demona's little sister.
03-23-02: Two whole updates in one month. Yaaay! I added a project that I've been working on and off (mostly off) for a while. It's under art preservation, and if anyone can tell me where I can buy the book any more I'll take the section down and put up an amazon link instead.
03-08-02: Glrmf. Fthg. School. Tired. 'Me' page updated.
12-26-01: Happy Hannukah, Solstice/Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's. Much new art on the art page, updates on the 'me' page.
10-07-01: New rant, very short.
09-04-01: Updated 'me' page. More accuracy, no big changes.
07-17-01: More art, this time a kind of... well... uh... thing. Angel, on the art page.
07-12-01: It's waaaay too early in the morning--rather, too late at night, from my perspective. Shiny CG pic of Vanessa from All's Fair.
06-24-01: Another story, wheee. A Parenthesis, and we're back to the spastic universe as I take a break from writing about Mark and his problems. Also, more 'art' on the art page.
06-20-01: More art on the art page: "Demons and Angels." Well, one demon and one angel. Sorta. Maybe. Don't ask. Also updated my 'me' page.
06-11-01: Sorry for the hiatus... we now have more art on the artpage: a sketch I did during finals called "One-Man Band." Check it out.
04-19-01: Yaaay, another story! Best Laid Plans, the sequel to All's Fair and Love and War. Delight. I also put the link up to the one piece of !fan-fiction that I've finished.
03-17-01: Another rant, this time a bit more serious. And perhaps an insight into why I write the way I do.
03-13-01: Wheefun, another story. Stiletto, what I should have called A Matter of Trust(and keeping with the Billy Joel theme.) This time I've actually gone whole-hog and htmlized it. Wow! Shiny!
02-14-01: I present you with another rant; this one about angst. What better subject for Valentine's Day, eh?
02-12-01: Deathly ill, I take the time in my fever-delerium to bash out a new rant against EVERYONE'S FAVORITE CULT HIT DAMN THEM DAMN THEM DAMN THEM!!
02-01-01: And the first update of the new millennium: FOUR new stories. Count 'em: Four. Enjoy.
12-31-00: A-freaking-mazing. Another story on the writings page. Happy new millennium, everyone. Also, more art up on the art page, as of about midnight GMT.
11-26-00: Some more art on the art page.
10-27-00: NEW STORY on the writings page!
10-06-00: Updated the art page again. Humor and some Photoshop gimmickry.
09-21-00: Stuck up a plug to Behind the Curtain so you know I'm still alive.

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