Writings of the Dwagin

Non-Fan Fiction

I finished a story set in Zibblsnrt's Tap'annu universe. It's called Courage After Fire, and it covers the life and trials of a military man in the second worst war in their species' history.

Fan Fiction

Most of my writing is fan fiction. I'm sorting this out by show, then by chronological order and timeline. Or something.

Gargoyles fanfic

Okay, here's where The List comes in.

Newsies fanfic

Newsies is a Disney musical that came out in '93 or so that talks about the Newsboy Strike of 1899. The majority of fans are actually screaming fangirls who go nuts over many cute guys dancing and singing. Me, I just think they did a good job of keeping them in step and on key. For some reason, I wrote these. Mindbends and Mayhem is a slightly racy story built around a plot-by numbers kit, and My Time No More is a satire of all the 1990s-girl-goes-back-meets-Newsies stories. There's also Unicorn Impressions, a story that even I'm not sure what I was smoking when I wrote.

Babylon 5 fanfic

My previous biggest contribution to Babylon 5 fanfic was The Never-Ending Story: Add Your Own Twists. The link is to the archive page, but there's probably some stuff that never made it up there... if the page still works. Anyway, in order to plug my own material, I'd actually have to write that summary. Since I haven't done that in the LAST four years... my non-NES contributions are Shadow-Touched, Shadow-Lost, a pretty darn old fic, Mr. Morden's War and Peace Class, which I wrote when I was very bored, and finally done, Ode on Shadow and Form, which took me a long time to write and is longer than many small novels. At least, it's long enough that if I'd written it in November, I'd have won NaNoWriMo. Newer still than that is Compromises, an alternate-universe season 5 crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. ... Yes, you heard that right.

Other fanfic

I... *twitch* I wrote... *twitch* See, I was bored and I... *twitch*
Gimme a moment. Deep breaths, it's okay, it's okay...
I... IwroteanX-Filesfanfic!
See, that wasn't so bad. It'll be okay. I promise.
Okay, anyway, yes, I have written X-Files fanfic, mostly because of Ship-chan over there. The first thing I wrote is A Matter of Trust, a sprained little fanfic about pain, pain, and pain. Its sequel is called Stiletto, which in retrospect is what I should have called the first one. Stiletto is avaliable in plain text and html formats.
Another story: Deus Ex Memoria, a story about... well, it's complicated.
I also have (Oh, Goddess) an entire fanfic series that's been spawned from my subconcious mind. Eeew, dreck. Here goes, in order:

Star Trek fanfic

No, it's not what you think. My two satire fics are A Break from Boredom and Spoof Trek Episode 1, and both are, well, strange. Enjoy.

Rifts stories

Rifts is a Palladium Books roleplaying game in the vein of TSR's highly popular Dungeons and Dragons, but set in a future Earth. Kash or Karry is the story with a too-cutesy title of my character in the game I play.
Speaking of the game... here's a parody that should not have been written.


Aiee! Yes, I d write crossovers. Newsie-Gargoyles crossovers are: News on the Fly and Someone Who Understands Me. News on the Fly is my first ever Newsies story, and fits in the timeline with Mindbends and Mayhem.
Okay, really, A Break from Boredom is a multi-crossover 'fic, but it's really a satire. Whatever.


My first MiSTing is of One of Those Girls by Tootsie. Includes rewritten jingle and all of my even-slightly self-insertion characters.

My 2nd MiSTing is called Heart to Heart by Debra Jeanette Ballard. She actually gave me permission to do it, so I'm rather thrilled.

And my 3rd MiSTing is of a fanfic called Hidden, a really... bad Paris/Torres Voyager fanfic about angst and sensitive guys and anhedonia and anhedonia and anhedonia and anhedonia.

Character Studies

This is what I used do when I got bored - write short scenes dealing with characters. So far, I have Argon, a San Francisco gargoyle, Racetrack, a newsie, and Spot, another newsie. If I get positive feedback on these, I'll get bored more often.

Filks and other inanities.

The Shadows. Sung to the tune of 'Macavity,' from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. Fear me, I do.

A short B5 sketch. Get the information here.


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